Do I need a digital converter box with TV Antenna?

A digital converter box is basically known to be a tuner that would help in converting the digital signal transmitted from the broadcasting tower to analog. The digital converter box is said to be a device that gets connected to the existing analog TV as well as your TV antenna. It is mainly helpful in translating the digital signals which have been picked up by the TV antenna into the analog signals which can be better received by the TV tuner. Going in for a converter box is completely based on whether you have an old TV or a new one. The TV antenna would be picking up the signals that it would be receiving but if you have an old TV then it would not be able to broadcast the digital signal channels unless you have a converter box or a tuner in-built in the TV.

Before you think about going in for a digital converter box, it is important to check whether your TV already has a digital tuner which is also known as the digital receiver. In case if the TV already has the tuner then there is no need to purchase another device which would carry out the same activity. You can check the TV user manual to find out exactly what type of TV tuner you have. The specifications mentioned in the manual would let you know whether the TV is analog or whether it is digital one.

TV antennas are basically designed for picking up the frequency range being transmitted from the broadcasting tower. Irrespective of whether the signals are analog or digital, they just pick those frequencies. However, if you have an old TV without a tuner or a converter box then it would be difficult for you to view those channels. Hence first you should be considering whether you have an older TV that accepts only analog signals. If the answer to this question is yes, then you would need to get yourself a digital converter box. It is the only option for you, else you would need to go in for an HDTV. The HDTV’s are the new rage in the market wherein they provide high definition signals.

TV antenna are mostly purchased for receiving free local channels. You would need to check on the FCC website which channels are available in your area and what frequencies are available. Once you have this information in hand, then it would become easier to select the right type of TV antenna. Also getting a digital converter box along with the TV antenna is not a compulsion. As mentioned earlier, it all depends whether the TV is old or a new one. Many a times when you have all setup but still do not receive any signals, then it could be due to digital-analog signals issue. This is when you would need to get a digital converter box and get it installed properly. Once the installation is done properly then you should not be receiving any signal issue on your TV.