Finding over-the-air TV signals

Many a times, we must be having a thought in our mind as to how can we find the over-the-air TV signals. It is important to understand that the TV signal transmission is mostly the line out of sight. To get a reliable signal reception at times can turn out to be a difficult affair. One of the reason for the same being, so many obstructions that are present in between the home and the broadcasting tower that it can actually cause signal reception issues. Hence it becomes an important step to locate actually where the transmitting tower is located. This information can be made available on website such as FCC and TVFool. All you would need to do is enter the location code or your address details and it would show up the list of all the local stations that are available in your area. Each of these stations are colour coded wherein it is an indicator so as to help you in identifying which type of antenna would be best suited for you. Let us have a look at the colour code details.

Yellow colour:

When you get the result as yellow colour code area then in such times you may need to go in for a small multi-directional antenna. This code means that the signal strength is quite strong hence going in for small antennas which tend to receive signals from all of the direction is suitable. This would mean that an indoor TV antenna is suitable for those areas where the signal strength code is yellow. Indoor antennas that have a range of 10 to 15miles would be best options.

Red Colour:

When your search result says red colour code then at such times it is recommended to go in for a medium directional antenna. The signal strength in the red colour coded region is weaker hence there is a need for a directional antenna which would pick up the signals. These are mostly considered to be the popular options due to the moderate size and the coverage range should be around 30 to 45miles.

Dark Green:

It is mostly recommended to go in for a medium multi-directional TV antenna for green colour coded regions. Here the signal strength is quite good but slightly weaker than the yellow coded regions. Getting an amplifier would also work well in these regions. The coverage range should be 30miles for picking up the OTA signals.

Dark Blue:

If the results generated show blue colour code region then it would mean that the signals are weak. Hence it would be recommended to go in for a large directional antenna or a medium directional antenna having an amplifier. Since the signals in these regions are weak, there is a need for getting larger antennas so that it can receive signals effectively. The TV antennas in the region which are blue colour coded would need to be mounted at the highest possible place so as to receive distant channels. The coverage range can be 45 to 60miles.